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MACS Residential Care

MACS streamlines residential aged care management by integrating enquiry handling, assessments, and admissions into a single platform, enhancing efficiency and increasing occupancy rates. It features comprehensive tools for room management, risk management, and PRODA API integration, promoting operational excellence and compliance with safety standards.

Efficient Enquiry Management in Aged Care with MACS

MACS manages enquiries through automatic PRODA API triggers or manual entries, linking each to a client profile for efficient tracking. With workflows designed for quick, accurate response, it alerts staff to actions needed, including potential escalation for clinical assessment, ensuring thorough resolution and high customer satisfaction.

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Enquiry and case management in aged care software

Site and room management using aged care software

Streamlined Site Tours with MACS for Aged Care Onboarding

MACS streamlines site tours for potential aged care residents with a user-friendly scheduling system and proactive SMS/email reminders, ensuring tailored visits and aiding their transition into a new living environment by fostering a sense of community and belonging from the initial interaction.

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Efficient Room Management with MACS

MACS boosts aged care efficiency with real-time room status updates, enabling swift allocations for respite and permanent stays, facilitating faster turnovers, and aiding in proactive accommodation planning.

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Aged care software for application management

Risk management using aged care software

Ensuring Safety in Aged Care with Risk Management

MACS offers a comprehensive risk management framework aligning with Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission standards, featuring risk identification, recording, and mitigation tools, alongside a real-time incident management system. This suite promotes proactive risk handling and compliance, ensuring high-quality, safe care delivery in aged care environments.

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MACS & PRODA Integration

MACS integrates with the PRODA API via a Restful API, streamlining data management for aged care services such as event management, care summaries, claim processing, and payments. This seamless integration automates tasks, reducing administrative burden and improving accuracy, allowing providers to concentrate on delivering quality care.

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Aged care software integration with Service Australia
Residential Aged Care Software

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