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Enhancing Home Care Compliance with Risk Management Framework

Join our webinar to explore how the Risk Management Framework aligns with Aged Care Quality Standards to ensure home care safety. Learn about our key components including risk registers, identification matrices, screening checklists, and mitigation planning. Discover How incident management can meet SARS requirements for compliance and quality care delivery.

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Deep Dive and Autoamte recent PRODA API Feature

Explore the PRODA API features with us in our upcoming webinar, focusing on enhancing data transfer efficiency and automating processes for events, care summaries, and financial claims. Join us to learn more.

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Effortless Event Management in Aged Care

Discover how events module revolutionises events management in aged care. Our webinar will cover how to effortlessly manage your customers event specifics, track participant registration, and accommodate special requirements. Join us to learn more.

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