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MACS integrates with PRODA API to manage aged care enquiries, risk assessment, and incident reporting while facilitating client onboarding and offboarding. It optimises client service scheduling, financial management through automated budgeting, and direct event organisation, streamlining processes for care providers and ensuring regulatory compliance and high service standards.

HCP Software Enquiries Management

Streamlined Enquiry and Risk Assessment

MACS manages enquiries by automatic PRODA API integration upon Home Care package approval or through manual methods like calls and emails, directly linking each enquiry to the relevant client profile. It can process a wide variety of enquiries, from general information to specific home care service issues, with a workflow system aimed at resolving each enquiry effectively. Enquiries may also trigger a risk assessment step based on their nature to ensure meticulous attention to detail.

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Enhancing Home Care Compliance with MACS Risk Management Framework

To ensure compliance with Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission standards, MACS provides a detailed risk management framework that includes a risk register, identification matrix, screening checklist, and mitigation strategies. It integrates with an incident management system, supported by SARS, for efficient incident classification and response, promoting a safety-first, quality-driven approach in home care services.

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HCP Software Risk Assessment and management

HCP Software onboarding process

Simplify Home Care Package Client Journeys with MACS Automation

MACS simplifies client onboarding and offboarding with automated processes for service customisation, quoting, and agreement signing, providing an optimised experience for Home Care Package (HCP) clients. This system enhances care delivery with features for service planning and ensures a meticulous transition for clients joining or leaving services, emphasising efficiency and client satisfaction.

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MACS Rostering System: Enhancing Home Care through Strategic Staff Allocation

MACS enhances home care service delivery with a three-part rostering system that simplifies planning, field worker allocation, and booking. Its intelligent scheduling board matches client needs to qualified staff efficiently, fostering an organized, quality-focused approach to care provider task management.

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HCP Software rostering and scheduling

HCP Software integration with PRODA API

Enhancing Aged Care Efficiency: MACS PRODA API Integration and Reporting

MACS utilises a Restful API for integration with PRODA, streamlining data transfers in the aged care sector. It ensures real-time synchronisation, reduces administrative tasks, and supports financial reporting with DEX reports. This enhances service delivery and compliance for providers managing events, claims, and care recipient information.

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Automated Budgeting and Financial Oversight

MACS features an automated budgeting system considering income, HCP level, and fees, ensuring precise financial planning. It also records service delivery, aiding in generating client statements, monitoring spending, rewarding field workers, and creating burn rate dashboards, which enhances service providers' financial management and client care transparency.

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HCP Software customer budget management

HCP Software Event management process

Enhancing Home Care with MACS's Efficient Event Planning Module

The MACS events module enables efficient management of client activities including yoga and physical sports with features for handling event specifics, participant registration, and requirements like wheelchair access. It automatically updates available spots and notifies participants, streamlining event organisation for home care customers.

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