MACS Aged Care Software

Comprehensive aged care software for residential and home care customer management

Home & Residential Aged Care Software

MACS is a comprehensive software solution for both home and residential aged care, offering a myriad of integrated features to streamline operations. From managing customer enquiries and risk assessments to automating client onboarding and offboarding processes, MACS ensures efficient service delivery and regulatory compliance. It includes tools for rostering and scheduling, event management, budgeting, and financial oversight, enhancing operational excellence and client satisfaction. With seamless PRODA API integration for data management, real-time incident reporting, and a focus on customer-centric practices like site tours and room management, MACS emerges as a complete platform fostering efficiency, compliance, and quality care across the aged care spectrum.

HCP Software Enquiries Management

Comprehensive Risk Management Framework

MACS aged care software enhances compliance by offering tools like a risk register, identification matrix, and risk mitigation planning to proactively manage risks and ensure client safety.

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Automated Enquiry & Case Management

MACS aged care software automates the handling of enquiries, cases & integrating with PRODA API for efficient processing and seamless client association.

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Aged Care Software Case and Enquiry management

Aged Care Software Rostering & Scheduling

Efficient Rostering & Scheduling

MACS aged care software simplifies staff allocation with tools like Plan Service Requests, Field Worker management, and Bookings, ensuring effective service delivery and resource utilisation.

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Care Plan Management : Enhancing Home Care through automated Plan Management

MACS efficiently manages automated care plans by generating personalized quotes swiftly post-risk assessment. Through automated budget calculations based on client details, it ensures precise financial planning. The system initiates and records services, generates client statements, and facilitates reward summaries, promoting transparent financial management and operational oversight in care provision.

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Aged Care Software Care Plan Management

Aged Care Software Reporting & PRODA API Integration

Enhancing Aged Care Software Efficiency: MACS PRODA API Integration and Reporting

By integrating with PRODA API, MACS aged care software streamlines data transfers and financial reporting, ensuring real-time synchronization and compliance with aged care standards.

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Streamlined Event Management

MACS aged care software offers an intuitive events module for managing client activities, from registration to communication, enhancing the coordination and efficiency of event planning.

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Aged Care Software event management

Aged Care Software onboarding process

Client HCP Onboarding & Offboarding through MACS aged care software

MACS aged care software streamlines client transitions through automated processes like quote generation, e-signatures, and detailed HCP record creation for smooth onboarding and offboarding experiences.

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Aged Care Software

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